The intimacy of design and why it's so seductive

I'm extremely excited to show you this latest video on what design means to me. I attempt to articulate the key drivers that motivate this enriching lifestyle many of us have fallen in love with. I hope that my passion resonates with all of you as we embark on this beautiful journey of learning together. Before I show you this video, I'd like to keep you in the loop on what I've been working on.

If you're tired of starting over, stop giving up

When was the last time you thought "I used to be fit but got too busy to exercise and eat healthy" or "I used to be quite career driven but lost motivation so things have plateaued". We often get waves of this, I get them a couple times a day, everyday. It could be not getting off the couch when I should go to the gym or not writing a blog post when I feel inspired. Self-sabotage is all too common and it's up to us to put an end to it. But how? Is that really the game changing question... or should we instead ask, "how badly do I want it?"

Tell Your Story and Create a Virtuous Cycle

The question: how to get work and, more importantly, how to gain a continuous supply of work with acceptable fees? Better yet, at more than acceptable fees?

Opportunity Goes Where Opportunity Is Welcome

If you were to leave a freshly baked, European inspired, chocolate infused, perfectly balanced, magically moist mud cake with a side of strawberries and love, out in the open overnight in your back yard, be prepared to be arrested by the patisserie police.

You'll be inviting the very best of the rodent army. The same goes for opportunity. Admittedly, there will always be things out of our control. Mainly mother nature, people (and rodents). However, to a large extent, we really do invite most of which occurs in our life. 

Why networking is more important than your bachelors degree or diploma

I congratulate you for being armed with a shiny, new arsenal of skills that you’re ready to put to use. Yes, completing University or College is indeed a huge achievement (assuming you actually attended) but is only really the beginning. Have you ever asked yourself what it takes to get your dream job as a designer straight out of school? That piece of paper is a fundamental step on the journey and will certainly be an asset you can leverage. However, even more important are the people you know and the experience you gain while you’re already studying. The sooner you start building industry relevant relationships, the better your chances are of being considered when a role is open.